Stage 1. England. Canterbury to Dover

I have walked this route as part of my route from London to Santiago de Compostela, and several times walking the first leg of the Via Francigena, a modern and less direct, version of the ancient Via Romea. (rediscovered by Italian archaeologist, Giovanni Caselli)

From the great English Cathedral at Canterbury to the Port of Dover, Roman Watling Street connected Dover (Portus Dubris) to Canterbury which was in use throughout the Christian era, and as the A2, now!

These photographs are taken from several of those walks.


5 Responses to Stage 1. England. Canterbury to Dover

  1. Itamar Vieira says:

    It´s a wonderful way.
    I am thinking to biking from Canterbury to Rome.
    There is way along all Via Francigena to biking.
    Thanks, Itamar

  2. You are welcome Itamar! I hope you find a good way!

  3. Sue says:

    We are embarking on this walk this coming June, we have to do it in stages due to work 😦
    We will start in Canterbury and hope to make it to Leon in France for our first stage. Any top tips ? I have sorted out accommodation en-route our slight concern is lack of cafes/toilets each day for lunch etc… we have walked the Camino de Santiago which has so much infrastructure to make it an easier walk… we feel Canterbury to Rome will be more demanding (in a good way)…

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