About us!

We are one of several groups of people on the ancient Pilgrim Roads to Jerusalem and the places of Abraham’s life being honoured for all,  by the Abraham Path.   Having entered into pilgrimages to Santiago and some of the great Pilgrimage sites of Asia, we believe in the unitive potential of Pilgrimage to change us.

These journeys are not for the glorification of any one faith, but perhaps designed as a practice of the underlying wisdom behind all of them.

Thanks to the Abraham Path Initiative, Lasalle Hause, the Via Egnatia Foundation, the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome and the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Jerusalem. Thanks in particular to Giovanni Caselli and Yunus Sola.

Wer sind wir? 

Nebst einigen anderen Gruppen von Menschen sind auch wir unterwegs auf den antiken Pilgerwegen, die nach Jerusalem und zu den Orten Abrahams führen. Nach Santiago de Compostela und dem Besuch von wichtigen Wallfahrtsorten in Asien kommen wir zur Überzeugung, dass das Pilgern ein Potenzial zur Veränderung in sich trägt.

Diese Reisen gelten nicht der Glorifizierung eines bestimmten Glaubens sondern viel mehr der tiefen Weisheit, die jedem einzelnen Glauben zugrunde liegt.

Danke an die Abraham Path Initiative, die Pilgergruppe des Lassalle Hauses in Bad Schönbrunn, die Via Egnatia Foundation, die Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome und die Confraterinty of Pilgrims to Jerusalem. Danke insbesondere auch an Giovanni Caselli und Yunus Sola.


4 Responses to About us!

  1. Louise Sibley says:

    Wonderful to learn about this. We are just about to complete the charitable registration of UK Friends of Abraham’s Path. If you are passing through London on your return, come and meet with us!

  2. Dan says:

    Hello Ian and Regula,

    I love the documentation you have given. Your first hand experiences and photos are fantastic. Would you mind me using your shot of St. Anthony’s Cave in my DVD lecture course on the desert fathers/mothers? I would be happy to credit you guys for the shot.

    Thanks and good luck!

    • Hi Dan

      Thanks for your adulation! Happy to have a credited picture used.

      Can you add a comment to the picture just to say where it is being used and for what benefit?

      I love the Buddhist invocation – we do Pilgrimage for “the benefit of all sentient beings”

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