Tarsus to Canterbury – 26th. March 668

Can I introduce you to Theodore of Tarsus?

Having arrived in Tarsus (more of that later) from Canterbury, I feel a great affinity with this native of Tarsus who ended up at the very start of my journey but 1300 years earlier in 668 BCE.  He  was an interesting man.

To quote Aidan Hart,

“He was a Greek from Tarsus of Cilicia, almost certainly studied in Antioch and Constantinople, later lived as a monk in Rome where he was probably involved with Saint Maximos the Confessor in the Lateran Council, became one of the most important Archbishops of Canterbury in Britain assisted by an African called Hadrian, and worked among the English and Celtic people for twenty-one years, dying at the age of about eighty-eight.   But  Saint Theodore is not only remarkable in his own personal history, but also for his lasting imprint on the administration of the English Church, particularly in his restructuring of its diocesan system and in the canon laws which he established. He gave unity to a Church in tension between its British, English and Roman members, established a flourishing school in Canterbury, through local synods linked his British Church to the Church of Byzantium, and, as Bede says, was the first Archbishop of Canterbury willingly obeyed by all Anglo-Saxon England.”


St Theodore by Adrian Hart

St Theodore by Adrian Hart

This beautiful Ikon also by Aidan Hart Icons.

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  1. http://www.antiochian-orthodox.co.uk/Theodore/theodore.htm – Theodore is also the Patron Saint of the Antiochian Orthodox Deanery of the United Kingdom and Ireland

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