Losing it….

It’s no secret that I have always regarded the baseball cap as a poor and unreliable replacement for the cricket style hat worn by most long distance walkers!

Well I am wearing the same old faded hat that started on the Camino from London and is now 7,000km old!

On the other hand, the roads of Turkey are strewn with thousands of lost “caps”, which did less for their owners than my trusty green top!

Here is a selection of 24 hours of lost hats!  (OK, I know this is very silly!)

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5 Responses to Losing it….

  1. Carina Orsborn says:

    Not silly, just fun – keep enjoying yr cap! 🙂

  2. Oh ok! My green floppy hat is looking tatty, but it still works. Baseball caps let your neck burn and they go missing at a breath of wind. They are also well “chav” wear in the UK! (not politically correct!)

    Some serous and sensible posts to come…

  3. Jonas Ewe says:

    Not silly at all. In 300-400 years time, students will find Baseball caps in archeological excavations and write their doctors thesis about them. They will work together with specialists in flattened Coca Cola cans, who know the sources of cans, how far they travelled, they will be signs of mysterious trades in rubber shoes (sneekers), which will be interpreted as “Europe being inhabited by VERY active and sporty people who drank Coca Cola to increase their energy”. Have faith in science!……..and the importance of baseball caps.

  4. Archaeology is certainly about things lost, thrown away or abandoned!

    I wonder if anyone will do an analysis of dead dogs and other animals? In Turkey we have seen left dead by the road – two donkeys, a cow which fell off a transporter, numerous chickens, turtles, dogs, cats, and small birds. Several bats as well…..and so many strong odours where we could not see the corpse. It’s something you get used to…

  5. Jonas Ewe says:

    It is by walking you discover this. All your senses are back to full alert! You start to see, hear, smell, taste and feel again! Reconnecting yourself with your environment.

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