1300m and the heating’s off!

Well, dear readers. In 44 C shade temperature in Italy,  I never believed I would complain about the cold, ever again.  What inconsistent beings are humans…

So, I can say that in this less than 5 star hotel in, Ulusomething, (Ulukışla, insists Regula!) – it’s cold.

Wikipedia, that font of all accurate information states  “The climate is dry and the vegetation typical of the dry steppes of central Anatolia, summers are hot and dry, winters are cold and it snows.”  The latter seems imminent…

There is one Hotel – the Emrah and a “humid room” – the hammam.  It is not flashy here, in fact it is very much lacking flashiness!  There are some decrepit railway sidings, and a poor concrete town of no merit that I can immediately identify!

But friends,  Cleopatra one came here! Yes, to this less-than-nice town  – I’m serious! There are tumuli (presumably bronze age and prestigious), and signs of Phrygian and Roman occupation – and the wife of Marcus Aurelius is buried close by!  If you ever want to be certain, as the Northern Buddhists say, that everything is impermanent – and that everything changes –  then this is your place!

So, let me then turn to Mount Hasan at 3240m, which has been ever present companion for two days, and although also impermanent, has been a feature in this landscape and for the inhabitants for a much longer period.  The steppe here has few settlements, but many subsidiary cones and volcanic features whose nature is beyond my superficial examination.  The lack of settlement and the volcanic history are however, clearly  related.

Hasan today

Mount Hasan today

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4 Responses to 1300m and the heating’s off!

  1. Karen Fraser says:

    wonderful picture of mount hasan, quite magical.
    trust your journey is wonderful.
    with love

  2. Thanks Karen, coming from a film maker, high praise indeed!
    It’s a long way – but the interesting bit is now to come!
    The Levant is going to be interesting. We don’t call it the Middle East any more!


  3. Carina Orsborn says:

    Absolutely wooonderful picture 🙂

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