Şereflikoçhisar to Aksaray

From uninspiring but friendly Şereflikoçhisar we headed off today along the 4 lane highway across the high, dry Anatolian plane –  with the intention of closing the 67km  distance to Aksaray – a cross-road town from Silk Road days.  There is little in between, but the route to Ankara is ancient indeed.

To the left we can often see the intriguing bank of an older road,  now expunged and unusable.  It is single track but banked-up in Roman style in places.

Shortly and to the right we find the enormous Tuz Golu – Turkey’s great salt lake.  It opens and expands to look like the thin end of a inland see – of Salt.  Tuz Golu has been around a long while too!

…and in the distance the twin-peaked volcano Hasan Dağı at 3,250 ft. This great hill was known to the people of Çatalhöyük the famous Neolithic and Chalcolithic settlement dated around 7500 BC to 5700 BC.

However, Regula was not well on the road today, so we have gone straight ahead to Aksaray by accepting one of the many lifts which are offered every day!  We will do some tourism in Kapadokya or Konya  – and then go back an inconvenient 40km when all is well.

I have put together one of the panoramas I have taken here –  of sunset over the Salt Lake.

Sunset Toz Gulu

Sunset Toz Golu

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2 Responses to Şereflikoçhisar to Aksaray

  1. Gruss aus Alterswil says:

    Liebe Regula, Lieber Jan
    Wir bewundern euch, abertausende von Schritten, die ihr schon gemacht habt! Das ist eine Superleistung! Die Kommentare und die Fotos grandios, wir verfolgen eure Route und staunen immer wieder.
    Regi, Rita bittet dich, dass du dich mal bei Gelegenheit zu Hause meldest, sie sind aus ihrem Kurzurlaub wieder zurück!
    Wir wünschen euch noch viel Courage und weiterhin viel Kraft in den Beinen.
    Liebste Grüsse, wir umarmen euch ganz fest, Fränzi, Hubert, Raphaela (Olivia ist heute für 2 Wochen mit der Schule nach Galway gereist!)

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