Mudurnu to Nalihan

We are now considerably closer to Ankara that Istanbul. Starting the day in the dark, leaving the remnants of Ottoman Mudurnu – we bumped into a local who wanted us to visit him for tea. Not ideal at that moment, but we found out why. He has a mother with advanced heart disease, and near death. He wanted us there.

We talked with this lovely woman for a while, which seemed to be of benefit to all of us, and then left to make as much progress as we could before the arrival of the Eurasia Marathion Team, from Japan.  We agreed to be picked along this high road and then run with them as far as Nalihan.  We covered the upland road distance pretty well, and duly met them for a 20 kilometer run into Nalihan.

The Japanese Eurasia Marathon Team are a very well organised, dedicated group making the most incredible run, and we have been very pleased to meet, dine and talk with them. The running was great – after the heavy morning mist cleared.

We are now in Naliham, which is a bit of a dusty concrete place, which nonetheless provides for our immediate needs. Tomorrow Çayirhan

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