Arrived in Alexandroupoli.

Despite a minor 2 hour navigation error, (no blame, but it was that old man in Sikorrachi, nothing to do with the GPS, honest!), we have got to the last major Greek town on the route. Still have charging problems with the PC but will be back in business shortly.

Since Thessaloniki,  we have passed through Lagadhikia, Stavros, Ofrinio, Kavala, Chrisoupoli, Xanthi, Iasmos, Komotini, Sapes and today Alexandroupoli. We should enter Turkey the day after tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Arrived in Alexandroupoli.

  1. Jonas Ewe says:

    Waiting in great anticipation. Good luck with the technology

  2. Christos Orovas says:

    farewell from Greece dear friends, good luck for the rest of your journey and hope to see
    you again in Florina in the near future,


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