Makedonia – towards Thessalonika


Florina to Vevi to Arneissa to Edessa to Ghiannitsa to Chalkedona to Thessaloniki – Photo Diary

Florina to Vevi

Vevi to Arnissa

Arnissa to Edessa

Edessa to Ghiannitsa

Ghiannitsa to Chalkedona


Chalkedona to Thessaloniki

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3 Responses to Makedonia – towards Thessalonika

  1. Mony says:

    Great photos!!!! Buen camino pilgrims!

  2. Robert says:

    You know you’ve reached civilisation when you can buy a Mars Bar! Your blog is very good. In just a few sentences it paints a vivid picture of the people and places you’ve seen. Likewise your photos capture the essence of the journey you’re making. Karen and I both look forward to each new instalment. When you get back you should consider expanding it and writing it up as a travelogue or something and offering it for publication. Your writing is definitely up to it.

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